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Ron Musgraves

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FREE WAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pressure wand give-away,

Rule are very simple, we will draw a name out of the bucket. The name drawn out of the bucket will win the variable pressure lance valued at 125.00 complete with trigger and tips.
It’s a simple contest,

Post in this thread and you may win.
Photos on PWI are always owned by the poster and may be removed at request and will never be allowed to be use by anyone without their permission.
All signatures require a valid number or web address. (Period)

The contest will run until we have 80 or the date of 03/10/08.

Good luck start posting.

Special, if it’s your first post ever on PWI you will receive a prize just for it being your first post. If you post and it’s your first post please PM me your address to receive the prize.

A great topic might be should we make the lists give away members only?
You know where to send it right?
I need one of those pick me.
No need to put me in, I won the last one, really nice with the QCs and a soap tip!

Thanks again Ron!!
I will be awaiting the arrival of my new dual lance gun. Thanks Ron!:D
Giddeyupp :) Haven't been here in awhile. Cool to see things are hopping Ron! Got your message by the way when you were in Valpo. We close down from November through March 1st :D


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