Fuel pump problem

Michael T

Im having a fuel pump problem on one of my skids. Suntec A2VA-7116 fuel pump. 12v beckett burner.

All of the sudden the fuel pump stopped working. But it was drawing fuel and returning it thru the return line. But there was no fuel pressure. I put a guage on the guage port to verify this. I checked all the filters and replaced the racor just to be sure.

I replaced the pump with a new spare I had. All the fittings are tight, no air leaks. New fuel in tank. Pump pressures up and had 140psi at port line. 30 minutes after running it looses fuel pressure. Turn off machine, turn back on and fuel pump runs for 10 seconds at 140 then goes to 0, no fuel pressure again.

Im baffled.
I have:
New pump.
All fittings are tight.
New racor filter.
Clean fuel.
Good charged up battery, igniter works fine.

I need some imput here.

Michael T

Russ Johnson

Equipment Expert
Check the line coming out of the tank. There may be something in the tank floating over the end of the hole where the pick up originates.


Drive motor getting tired and not producing enough RPM to keep fuel pressure up?
Drive spindle getting worn out and slipping on connection to drive motor or pump.
charging system week, not producing enough juice?

Let us know what you find.

Michael T

fuel pump

Russ and Tim,

There is clean new fuel in the tank. I dont think there is anything floating around in there, but I will check. The pump sucks fuel fron the tank and returns it back thru the bypass. So I know the pump is actually moving fuel. But it just wont work on the high pressure side. The nozzle port wont hold working pressure. It should be 140 psi which is the spec for beckett burners.

The coupler is tight and not worn, battery is fully charger, charging system is working. Fan runs strong at 3400 rpm anf igniter works.

Anything else you can think of?


Maybe a hairline crack in the ceramic insulator.:confused:
I know a small crack in yer insulator will act the same way as what you are describeing,the heat will open the crack up and you will get a arch coming out of the insulator to adjacent metal.Faulty switch? Equipment vibrates and loosens connection?

I prefer dynamite for such troubleshooting myself.:eek: It fixes everything.
Then you start from new.

Michael T

fuel pump

Tim, the igniter works fine.

The pump seems to be the problem. I put a pressure guage on the guage port and there is no pressure. I have a simular setup on another unit. 12v beckett system same pump and everything. It has a guage also. Everything works on it. The guage reads 140 psi working pressure at the nozzle port. The one Im having the problem with wont hold the workng pressure for more than a couple seconds. When you turn on the blower/burner switch the pressure comes up to 140 psi for a few seconds and then drops back to 0.

If I pull anymore hair out I will be bald.:p

Im going out to my shop to work on it now , Ill report back later.


Ok, ignitor works.

Fuel supply problem.
I know you checked your plumbing. Check it again?
Blow all lines out with air? Drain fuel tank and have a look see?
Cracked or worn fuel feed line? Sucking air somewhere so it doesnt come up to pressure? Had cold weather down there,maybe fuel jelling up?
I still think it sounds like the drive spindle.The drive motor will run fine and if the spindle slips on either end while rotating it will not come up to pressure. Or like Russ said something plugging the line.
There isnt a excess of teflon tape hanging in a line somewhere is there?

Looking for trouble shooting guide,by the time I find it New Years will have come and gone and so shall your problem. "this to shall pass" Then something else will break.:)

Michael T

fuel pump

I think I got it.

Okay I pulled it all apart, the fittings that is, not the pump.

I had a hairline crack in the fittings between the racor filter and the pump body.

Replaced the fittings, sealed all the connections and tried it out.

Woo Hoo ~ Everything good after bleeding the air out of system.

So I probably replaced a pump and didnt need to. Just needed to replace the fittings.

Thanks for all the imput.