Getting ready to building my very first van setup!


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What is the weight with full tanks on the van? They don't look too big, but you don't have much to play with either.

Weight isn't bad. Full it would be slightly over 1000lbs but ever since I installed the cross support bar I don't even notice the weight while driving around unless I go up a steep hill. I'm really impressed with the E250 power.


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Van set up

Here is (Martha) the van

First pic is from the rear...second is the side door with access to the tank.


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Those are interesting tanks, have not seen them before, where do you buy them?

Are you venting the burner through the roof or have it piped out the back?


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Did you ever get it sorted out Vince? How's the van been working out for ya?

We use vans and wouldn't have it any other way.


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I have a F250 van setup with a honda GX690. I bought a 700 watt inverter to run a stanley work fan to clear the exhaust fumes , mounted inverter on the wall next to my battery box. Seems to work fine off the existing PW battery (I just unclip the power leads when it is not running). Still run with side and rear doors open and front windows down.