Great Door Hanger for 5 around Softwashing Door hanger!!!!! Pressure Washing / House cleaning / Windows

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When you wash someone’s home, don’t think the neighbors don’t notice. They for sure do! Get their attention and quote them on the spot before you leave! Take less than five minutes to walk to a few neighbors around the house you just serviced and drop one of these off. I designed this myself and had Vistaprint print them. The last video is satisfying


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And I made a door hanger myself in my house, because my door is old and I didn't find suitable hangers for it. I made it incredibly simple: I bought 10 aluminum pieces that looked like hooks, and the same aluminum long oval, on which I drove these hooks. But to be honest, I don't really like this solution in terms of design, it looks very poor. Now I have a plan to first replace my old door with 96 closet doors, on which I can easily install convenient and practical hangers. In fact, I can even use the hangers that you demonstrated on such a door.
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