Great invention


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Watching the DIY network there was a show that came on "I want that" they showed a new battery charger for AA and AAA batteries. I know what your thinking "so what that's nothing new" but the battery charger is for non-rechargeable batteries
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That is a great idea, could prevent tons of hazardous waste and save alot of money. With that $60 price tag, I'd like to hear a first hand testimonial though. Also, I couldn't find any info on how many cycles it would work for.
Just called the guy in Canada he said if you buy some heavy batteries as in weight you can charge them over 100 times the lighter ones probably around 30 times. The USA office is closed he said due to them talking with Walgreens and Costco to start carrying them sometime soon. You will have to contact the main office in Canada to order one.
That does sound like a great idea, better if it actually works.

It would be nice to recharge the alkaline batteries even a few times and that charger would pay for itself within a year or less.
I swear I saw this kind of charger like 20 years ago, thought it was cool then.
Wasnt there a guy running a car off of small batteries and recharging them? Maybe up in Canada?