Hello Everyone!

Hey Guys, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself!

My name is Mark and I run United Power Washing based out of Phoenix AZ. I got into the Pressure Washing game at the beginning of 2020. We do all kinds of exterior cleaning for commercial and Residential clients, and i have to say it has been a learning experince, lots of hard work, humbling situations, and I am very grateful for all of it.

Phoenix is a large city and there is alot of competition here, but I look at it from a positive standpoint. I try to help others in the industry, and learn at the same time. I really think its good competition nonetheless, which helps keep us accountable and offer the best customer service possible.

This year we are really focused on expanding our commercial side of power washing, we do alot of Parking Lot Cleaning and Building Washing. I have to say that commercial accounts are 10x harder to get but once you get them and provide amazing service, the ROI is great.

Due to covid 19 we also expanded into Sanitizing which has been very helpful and rewarding. hopefully pretty soon we can all put this virus behind us and go on living our normal lives.

as far as the residential side of our business goes we do quite a lot such as, driveway cleaning, Pool Deck Cleaning & House Washing. we has serviced all types of homes big and small. General Roof Cleaning & Solar Panel Cleaning are also some of the things we specalize in.

anyways, thanks for reading, just a quick intro with some links to our website!

Have a good one y'all and be safe!