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To All or Anyone,

I have a question that I would like people to help with or let me know of any past experiences.

I have been soft brushing and washing a local paving companies fleet for 2 years every other week. When I started I asked the owner if there was anything I needed to be concerned about with the fleet to not damage anything. He told me no and he was just looking to try and keep the fleet looking good even thought he knows the fleet will have waer and tear from work.

I use over the counter truck and wax wax and then use a light rinses on the surfaces but also keep the undercarriage clean as well. The owner always told me the fleet looks great and was ok with paying my rates. They called me back to wash again this year even though I had concerns about doing it again as I had times when I was not getting paid in a timely manor. This Year they started questioning my rates. I Give them half rates. I then noticed at times the fleet was washed and I did not do it so I asked and they told me their employees had been keeping busy. They asked me a month ago to stop washing but would let me know to do a final wash on the complete fleet the end of the year.

I jut got a call from a insurance company saying a claim as been submitted for a damage to one of the pavers lettering. If this is what I am thinking of it happened last year wen I was using a soapy sponge and they had put a small advertising sticker over a hole and my had and sponge put a hole in it. when it happened I told the owner and at the time he told me he saw it but not to worry about it.

my insurance will not cover this as it has been over a year. what to do?

they also still owe me money for the last wash.

any help will be greatly appreciated

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