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Hi-Low Solutions Moto: Less Labor + Better Efficiency = More Profit.
Has a unique approach to their business. Offers custom pressure washing equipment.
Their focus on designing solutions that make pressure cleaning companies more efficient.
While profitability is a valuable aspect.

  • Efficiency and Profitability:
Their equipment is designed with a focus on improving efficiency and profitability for pressure cleaning companies.
  • Proven Results:
The equipment is tested and has proven results in their own pressure cleaning company in West Palm Beach, FL. Demonstrating real world success and reliability.
  • Custom Solutions:
The company's equipment comes from solving their own pressure cleaning needs. This conveys a deep understanding of the industry's challenges and a commitment to solving them.
  • High Water Volume & Surface Cleaners:
Range of equipment offered, from high water volume pressure washing rigs to various size surface cleaners. They have versatility of their product line.
  • Problem-Solving:
The custom nature of their equipment. They tailor their solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring a perfect fit for their business.
  • Geographic Reach:
They serve companies all over the USA, showcasing their national presence.
  • Quality Assurance:
Quality control or Assurance measures they take to ensure the reliability of their equipment.
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Rev Up 2024 with 'Beast Rigs!
Call Mike Today @ 561-779-3291

Hi-Low Solutions' Kicking Off the Year with a Bang!
There are already 6 rigs on order.
Plus several Monsters already sold out!
Start Your Year with the Power of

Hi-Low Solutions' Beastly Equipment!

-The Beast!!!! Check out The Video of This Bad Boy!!!!


-31 gpm with Deck over

-Custom 14ft Aluminum Trailer build

-31gpm with 45gal Gas Tank, 1000 gal water tank,

custom electric hose reels

-Click to See This Beast - Deck Over Trailer Rig 31 gpm

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Another Hi-Low Beast Hitting the Road! The Hi-Low team loves crafting these BEASTS. The true joy comes when owners share the incredible feats they accomplish with Hi-Low Solutions Equipment. Call Mike today @ 561-779-3291 or Visit Hi-Low Solution's Website
Hi-Low Solutions Philosophy....Better Efficiency Reduces Labor & Increases Profitability.
" "
🚨 PSA ALERT - NEW Paver Rig! 🚨

Hi-Low Solutions Unleashes the Power with their NEW Paver Rig at Trident Training!
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Hi-Low Solutions Website. Purchase the 36” Surface
Cleaner @ 30gpm.
Get Game-Changing Results
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Elevate Your Branding....Insights from Mike at Hi-Low Solutions

Mike from Hi-Low Solutions shares a Video of Invaluable Insights into the Art of Branding your Company for Success. Plus this inspiration for elevating your company's branding strategy.

With years of experience running multiple service businesses. Including Paver Perfection and Pressure Perfection. Mike understands the crucial role branding plays in the growth and recognition of a company.

In a competitive market, a strong brand can set you apart. Plus pave the way for long-term success. By implementing Mike's advice, you can take your company's branding to new heights. Start to position yourself for growth and prosperity in 2024 and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  1. Consistency is Key Mike emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency in your brand identity. From the design of your vehicles to your online presence, consistency builds trust and recognition among your audience.
  2. Start Small, Grow Big Mike's journey with Paver Perfection began humbly, with just a van and a flatbed. Despite initial imperfections in the vehicle wraps, he understood the significance of starting somewhere and gradually improving the branding over time.
  3. Invest Wisely While equipment is essential, Mike highlights that investing in branding is equally if not more important. He shares how even the most well-equipped businesses can miss out on opportunities without proper branding and signage.
  4. Phased Approach Mike's strategy involved phased improvements to his branding efforts. By reinvesting profits into refining the design and messaging, he ensured that his brand continued to evolve and resonate with his target audience.
  5. The Power of Signage Mike recounts instances where effective signage led to significant business opportunities. From attracting new customers to reinforcing credibility, signage is a powerful tool in a contractor's marketing arsenal.

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Facebook’s Exclusive PRESSURE WASHING FRIENDS Group
🔥 Prepare to Be Amazed! Get an Exclusive
Sneak Peek of Hi-Low Solutions' 16ft Aluminum BEAST Rig!

🔥 Featuring
3 Mighty 17gpm Monsters, a 525-gallon Water Tank,
& a 45-gallon Fuel Capacity! Plus 2 28” Electric Hose Reels & 1 22”
Electric Hose Reel! That's Not All!!!
Conquer Any Terrain with a 6ft BEAST & Curbinator!

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Witness the Future of Pressure Washing
With Hi-Low Solutions
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🌟 Exciting Update from Hi-Low Solutions! 🌟

Wow! Take a Look at The Amount Flowing Through 1/2” Hose!

💧 Years Ago, Mike Arnone was told that a 16gpm couldn't possibly flow through with water bypassing
to the tank. But guess what? It's possible! While there may be some friction loss affecting psi,
the cleaning ability can be truly astounding when dialed in correctly.

💡 Hi-Low Solutions is Considering Diving Deeper into this Discovery.
Only time will tell. However, Safety ALWAYS Comes First! 🛑 #HiLowSolutions Prioritizes
Safety Above All Else. Not Only Ensuring that Every Solution they Offer is Not Only Efficient.
It's Important that its Safe for All Valued Hi-Low Solutions Customers. Stay Tuned for
More Updates!

#Innovation #SafetyFirst

Introducing Hi-Low Solutions' 2020 Flatbed BEAST Rig for the Cleaning World!

With an Impressive
15k Miles Under Its Belt, This Rig is Ready to Conquer Any Cleaning Challenge!
Hi-Low Solutions
(561) 779-3291

What Makes It Stand Out

625-Gallon Water Tank
⛽ 45-Gallon Fuel Tank
225-Gallon Chemical Tank
5-Gallon Diesel Tank
10gpm Hotbox
3 10gpm Pressure Washers
2 28” Electric Hose Reels
400ft 1/2” Fierce Jet
400ft 3/4” Garden Hose
3-Way Siamese Kit
⛽ 2 P40 Gas Pumps
2 22” Electric Hose Reels
2 300ft Chem Hose
2 Texas PW Store Proportioners & Remotes
1 26” Hi-Low Surface Cleaner
1 36” Hi-Low Surface Cleaner
2 Surface Cleaner Holders



25° Nozzles FREE Shipping Set of 4 $16.50

  • 25015 25 @1.5gpm (qty of 4) for 5..5-6gpm Tornado Bars
  • 25020 = 25 @2gpm (qty of 4) for 8gpm Tornado Bars
  • 25025 = 25 @2.5gpm (qty of 4) for 10gpm Tornado Bars
DN10 Ball Valve DN10 3/8” Ball Valve
Sale Price $39.00 Regular Price $45.00

DN15 DN15 1/2” Ball Valve

Sale Price $55.00 Regular Price $64.00

HILOW 26” Handle Surface Cleaner NEW & IMPROVED
New & Improved 26” Handle Surface Cleaner with Mosmatic Swivel and Tornado Bar.

Could be used with 8gpm. We realized a typical 24” surface cleaner couldn’t clean a 4ft sidewalk in 2 passes because the cleaning area is only 23”. So we redesigned ours to 26” that actually clean 25” each pass.

HILOW 3200psi @ 10gpm pressure washer
Sale Price $3,799.00 Regular Price $3,900.00
Fully Assembled
3200psi @ 10gpm pressure washer
-CRX 750 engine
-10gpm Gear driven TSF2221 General Pump
-1/4” custom made Skid
-Does NOT include a Gun/ Wand Assembly, Tips, or Hose! If needed we have options available for an additional price.

Custom Aluminum Battery Box
Sale Price $200.00 Regular Price $250.00
10 1/2" height 10 1/4" width 14 1/4" length

HILOW Tornado Bar
FREE Shipping $254.00
The Tornado Bars are amazingly faster then any 2 to 4 nozzle bars on the market.

They are fabricated and custom made in America. Can be used on any 1 swivel surface cleaner for 8gpm or more. Also can be used on any 2 swivel surface cleaner using 16gpm or more.

4ft 1/2” wand with Turbo Nozzle rated for 10 or 15gpm
Sale Price $269.00 Regular Price $344.14
Already Assembled for 10gpm or 15gpm
1-Suttner 1/2” wand rated for 5000psi
1-Suttner ST-458 1/2” Turbo Nozzle
1-Quick Connect

ST-3240 Hydro Ex Inline Spray Gun (chemical resistant)
Sale Price $329.00 Regular price $424.92

• Stainless steel industrial grade
• Comfortable ergonomic hand grip design and reduces fatigue
• LTF (Low Trigger Force" reduces pulling force by 40% and holding force by 90%
• Chemical resistant

ST-76 Foam Blaster
Sale Price $329.00 Regular Price $496.23
Applications. Use for high volume applications
• Stainless steel injector nozzle
• Wider spray angle
• Foam injector required
• For applications 10 GPM or higher
• Throws foam 40 feet
• Cover large areas
• 50° x 200 mm orifice

ST-3600 Spray Gun Rated up to 8700psi @ 21gpm
Sale Price $349.00 Regular Price $521.46
Highest pressure rated industrial spray gun.

• Forged stainless steel housing, piston, and malleable seat.
• Special heat and chemical resistant seals.

Custom 45 Gal Aluminum Fuel Cell

Sale Price $1,200.00 Regular Price $1,300.00
Custom 45 Gal Aluminum Fuel Cell
-Gas Gauge and switch
-Air Vent
-3 Ports with Drop Down
-1 Lower Port For drainage or Fill Line
Ron Musgraves & A Hi-Low Solution Customer Jon Vatcher From Cleaning World Review of Mike Arnone's Hi-Low Solutions in a Facebook Live.
View attachment 5654 Hi-Low Solutions

View attachment 5653 (561) 779-3291
477 Mozart Road, West Palm Beach, Florida

Check Out this Facebook Live Video

Review of Mike Arnone & Hi-Low Solutions.

They Take Center Stage Showcasing their Innovative Equipment & the Impact
it had with TurboWash in New Jersey. Jon, who recently acquired TurboWash.
Shared his Experience Upgrading their Equipment with Hi-Low Solutions.
Including a Brand New Trailer, Truck Flatbed, & Skid.

The video highlights that it was great to work with Mike. After Implementing
Hi-Low Solutions' Equipment, their Work was Significantly Easier & More Efficient.
Particularly in large warehouses where speed is paramount. In the video Ron
Demonstrates the Effectiveness of the Curb Machine on Gigantic Houses &
Multiple HOAs, Leading to Increased Job Opportunities.

The Equipment's Impact goes Beyond just Functionality! Creating a Buzz &
Excitement in the Industry. Neighbors & Community Managers Eager to See
its Capabilities Firsthand. The video showcases how Hi-Low Solutions'
Machines are Solving Common Challenges in the Industry. Hi-Low Solutions'
equipment has delivered outstanding results in cleaning curbs and large areas,
showcasing unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.

The Facebook Live Vividly Illustrates how Hi-Low Solutions' Equipment
is Revolutionizing the Power Washing Industry. Their Equipment Seamlessly
Transitions from Residential Projects to Large-Scale Commercial Jobs.
Showcasing the Versatility & Adaptability Across Different Cleaning Tasks.
The Innovative Features have Not Only Piqued Curiosity. It's Sparked Significant
Interest Among Industry Professionals.

The Secret to Superior Cleaning with Hi-Low Solutions

🌟 You Won't Believe What This Contractor Did! 🌟

Most people have no idea that Hi-Low Solutions is revolutionizing the
game with their powerful 8-10 GPM surface cleaners!

Hi-Low's 26” Beast Surface Cleaner
One customer used to swear by his mini WW surface cleaner.
But after trying out Hi-Low's 26” for just a week. He couldn’t
believe the difference. Guess what? He left his old WW on
the trailer & never looked back!

👀 Why the Switch? 👀

  • Tornado Bar Power: Tornado Bar is a game-changer at 25” compared to WW's 23”.
  • Efficiency Master: Imagine cleaning a sidewalk in just 2 passes! Yes, it’s that efficient.
  • Instant Upgrade: After experiencing the cleaner, he sold his WW & upgraded to Hi-Low.
🎥 Watch the Transformation! 🎥
Don't take Their Word For It – See It In Action!
Check Out how the Hi-Low 26” Obliterates Grime & Dirt with Ease.
Click the Link Below to Witness the Magic!
#HiLowSolutions #SurfaceCleaner
#GameChanger #CleaningEfficiency