Honda muffler failure!

I have a 24 HP Honda that I bought in Dec. 09 i guess I have about 300 Hrs. on it, this week I noticed the engine sounded louder than normal. Yesterday it got real loud and I found the heat sheild was starting to come loose. The heat sheid is spot welded on at the four coners. Two of the welds had broken loose, I finished the job and checked the muffler when I got back to the shop. All the welds had broken I thought, after looking at it the metal around the weld had broken. I took it to our one and only authorized Honda repair shop this mourning and was told it's an after market muffler:scratchhead: Pressure Pro uses their own mufflers:confused: The lawn mower shop also is a Pressure Pro dealer, they called and PP is blaming me:no: After a five minute phone call they agree to send a new muffler if I pay for it, than ship it to them so they can inspect it:shrug: So i'll have to pay the shop for the part and labor than hope Pressure Pro will honor their warranty. Has any one had this happen? My 18HP honda muffler lasted 8 years.


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Had the same problem @ just over 300 hrs. I just took a large hose clamp and tightened it around the muffler and heat sheild. Been working fine ever since. Lol. I figured if I bought another muffler, the same thing would happen.

Chris Tharpe

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Simple fix is to take a wire welder and fill in the holes, All of these are junk as russ stated. We have had 4 different ones fall off soon after being put on


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The problem is a under supported weight in a high vibration and temp area with a weld. It is a design flaw and they should cover that. In my experience with the honda 24. Weld up a exhaust flange and pipe that moves the muffler away from the engine and you mount it where it can be supported and you can use a bigger and cheaper car size muffler that will last longer and be quieter.


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Had both pipes detach from my Kohler muffler recently. It does have a bracket underneath supporting it.