House Washing in Corpus Christi Texas with great results


I just wanted to thank Russ J. for making the Roof Snot and Lemon Aid, they are great products!

I have washed half a dozen houses lately and have only used the Roof Snot and just recently got some of the Lemon Aid to try out, it works great to mask the smell of SH very good. These 2 products do not weaken the mix like how some other additives weaken the mix.

I even had some left over House Wash mix from a week and a while back, 2 weeks old and the house wash mix worked good. In the past I could not make up too much house wash mix as anything left over would go bad if I did not have other houses to wash and it happens when I am washing a lot of trucks that the left over mix sits and goes bad.

I have tried other additives and some have weakened the mix so much, I had to end up using twice the regular amount of mix to do the job. That is very aggravating to say the least and then the wasted chemicals, wasted time and having to do the job over and over to get results.

Finally I don't have to worry about the mix getting weakened by inferior additives!

The windows come out great and have received many compliments on how good the windows come out during the house wash.

I did a house wash for a wonderful older couple and the Lemon Aid did a great job, I could not smell the SH at all! They loved how great the house came out and were amazed how fast the house was cleaned.

They told me that they have not had the house washed in many years because they did not trust the companies that came over and they were worried about damage as there have been some companies still using pressure to clean and we all know that is not a good way to clean houses.

Thank You Russ for these great products!
Thanks Chris, I'm delighted that you like the products.