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Hi guys fairly knew here....
im in sydney australia, and this type of cleaning is just starting to take off here, we don't have the chemicals you guys have or if we do we have to source them under different labels and section etc, so this is where I'm at, I'm just trialling different soaps to mix with my SH ( 12% ) i still haven't come up with a a good mix...

Im going to try this:-

for a house wash i normally make up 5 litre batch of soap which contains
2.5L SH at 12% i can't remember if it %12.5% it could be...
500m of concentrated Detergent as per link
then i mixx the rest with water 2L
Then i connect it to my machine which is 21LPM i connect the detergent inject0r to my gun and syphon it through my tube,

Im happy with the results of the SH but I'm still trailing a good soap to clean all the dirt etc i often have to agitate the surface to release the dirt
I think the only thing lacking is a good detergent...any help would be appreciated....
here is a pic


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It might take a little trial and error with the limited surfactants that you have available. May want to buy in small quantities and try a few brands out. I'm sure some in depth detailed advice will come form the other Pros. is sounds like you have a foot in the right path for sure...if i head to Australia in the next few months maybe ill bring some Elemonator for ya to try.


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From here at least,..what I see in those top 5 laps of siding is gonna take more than just SH/and soap. That looks like the "grunge" I mentioned in another post,..and that requires an out of the box approach to make it easier and manageable. Do a search on two-stepping,..and you'll get through that grunge with very little effort compared to any other method.

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i for sure would test it on my own house or some where before applying it to a clients property. Main thing not let the SH solution dry on the surface and you should be ok. its better to apply more coats than to try and have one coat do all the work.


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I doubt if soap can clean every surface. You have to understand that there are many different contaminants. For example, minerals, organic, man-made, and so on. Soap can cope with surfaces on which a lot of grease settles. But soap, you can't clean the wall on which the rest of the assembly foam, excess cement, rust, sealant. You're going to take a long time to wash the facade with a strong jet, and there's a chance you'll just ruin the wall. I think you realize how expensive it cost to build a new wall these days. There are enough specialized products on the market for cleaning facades
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