I need a fulltime employee, know anyone?


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I am bidding a job where i would need a fulltime employee. The work would be at night and in the orange county CA area.

If you know anyone who might need a job let me know.


Vince Wood

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I can loan you 1 of my guys if you like, or if you need another machine to help with the job let me know I'm right on the Orange/Los Angeles/San Bernardino County lines.

Grime Busters LLC

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It's the ultimate employers market currently. I ran an ad a couple months ago. I had well over 200 responses. I specifically stated in my ad "only those with a minimum of 5 years of verifiable flatwork experience need apply". That being said, at least 50% of the applicants had zero pressure washing experience at all (even had a software engineer with 20 years experience apply).

After weeding through the 10 or so that fit my qualifications, only 6 passed the drug test. Tried all 4 remaining men, picked the 2 best workers.

Run an ad on Craigslist (I believe its only $25.00) or in your local classified ads.

Ron Musgraves

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Thanks guys for your advice. Vince unfortunately they do not allow subcontracting or I would. If you can recommend any old employees that would work. Bid is due tomorrow and i will know middle December if I got the job. Then I have to start Jan 1. Not a lot of time to get set up!! oh well

Scott Stone

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I always worry about employees until after I get the contract. That way I know exactly what I am able to offer them. I do know what I plan on paying them before they start, though. It helps to figure the bid.