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Have any of you heard of 'The Claims Pages"? It's apparantely a publication put out by Nationwide Publishing Co. and is distributed to Insurance adjusters. They want me to put an ad in there publication and say that it will brin me work for insurance jobs. I have never heard of them. If any of you have I would be interested in your thoughts.

Tim Smith

I check with an adjuster at State Farm that is in my referral group and he said: that he receives it, but does not use it - most insurance organization do not allow the adjuster to give referrals due to the liabililty issues. Basically, the adjusters tells the client to go and get so many estimates & do not recommend anyone.

Hope this help.

Does anybody else know more about this or had experience with this?


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The insurance claims business is quite lucrative for those large enough to play the game. It is fraught with potential hazards ranging from 'gratuities' to out right kick-backs to so-called considerations. The business is extremely cost sensitive and will demand a lot of paperwork and 'certifications'.

As you can see I am a wee bit dubious of the industry as a whole and would strongly counsel that you look long and hard at investing with their publication. When the dust settles out essentially what you are dealing with is a salesman for a publication.

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Thanks Tim & Michael,

You guys have been very helpful. Thanks again for reassuring my gut feeling on this matter. When the call was made to me from the agent they represented themselves as an actual insurance agency. Than as we proceeded to talk it came out who they were. That kinda set off a red flag and that is when I proceeded to post the question. I hope this helps others to not waste their time or money.

Mike Hughes

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As i posted on the PWNA board ( ) I too got a call from these people.

I dismissed it, however I would love to see a copy of the book. They only give them to adjusters though...........either have to find an adjuster that has one, or pretend to be one.......:)