Letter to PWNA Members


Transformation at PWNA
Back in action and planning for the future

From Paul Horsley, Interim President

As mentioned in the last electronic newsletter, I have stepped into the role as Interim President of PWNA in an effort to assist other members with getting our association back on track and back in the black. I am pleased to report that - although still facing some financial challenges - PWNA is moving forward with new leadership, new energy and specific focus.

This newsletter provides you with an update on what has transpired in the last few weeks and what will happen in the coming months. I am thrilled with what has been achieved and am certain that you will be, too.

New Direction and Specific Focus

The Advisory Board has reached the conclusion that PWNA cannot be "everything to everybody." We have made the decision to stop initiating and administering discount programs and other unnecessary perks. In the future, PWNA will focus on four specific areas that are most important to our members. These areas are:

Networking; and
Being a 'Voice for the Industry'

We will achieve these goals through our annual conferences, as well as through our Website. Planning for the 2008 conference and enhancements to the Website are well underway.

It is our hope that the "NEW" PWNA will be a more transparent organization. We welcome member feedback on any initiatives or programs and encourage you to share any new ideas that you may have.

PWNA Management Designation and Office Re-location

The head office has been successfully relocated to Wood Dale, Illinois. Mike Hilborn is managing the day-to-day operations and membership roster. To contact head office:

Call: 1-800-393-7962
Mail: PO Box 469,
Wood Dale, IL 60191-9998
Website: thepwna.org

The head office relocation has resulted in a significant reduction in overhead costs. We have eliminated all "non-essential expenses" and feel confident that we are back in control. Mike is focused on paying down PWNA's debts and increasing revenue through new memberships and membership renewals.

New Members and Membership Renewals

Some PWNA members have elected not to renew their memberships, adopting a "Let's wait and see what happens" attitude. Well, you've waited. Now you can see that PWNA has new ideas, new energy and new direction. And now, more than ever, we need your support. We urge you to renew your membership and remind you of the exciting conference that we have planned for October! Please call the PWNA office at 1-800-393-7962 or visit www.thepwna.org to renew (or purchase) a membership.

Mark your calendars! The PWNA Conference is October 23, 24 & 25, 2008

Gurnee, Illinois will be the host city for the 2008 PWNA National Conference. We've been working hard to set up an exciting schedule of educational and networking events to help you build your business.

Several prominent power washing industry leaders - including past PWNA presidents, founding members and industry representatives - have volunteered their time to conduct seminars and training programs. To date we have confirmed the following speakers:

Rob Hindeletter
Michael Hindeletter
Paul Horsley
Doc Resiman
Joe Walters
And many others (too many to list here)

Conference 2008 will offer the ever-popular Power Washing 101 course, as well as everything from awning cleaning to fleet washing, commercial kitchens, residential decks, environmental power washing, siding and much more. A special highlight will be a brand new class on Railcar cleaning.

This interactive and informative three-hour session will be held on October 23rd. It will address the pros and cons (mostly pros!) of railcar power washing. Topics will include wastewater recovery and disposal, setting up in remote locations and many other aspects of this lucrative - yet relatively untapped - service program. I am excited to be invited to share my knowledge on contract power washing for the rail industry. My presentation will be based on several years experience - and thousands of railcars serviced - to help you "Think outside the boxcar", expand your service offerings and increase profits. There will also be other classes that day. Look for updates on the website.

Opportunities for Networking, Meeting Vendors and More!

The annual conference will allow for ample opportunities for networking, getting to know fellow PWNA members and meeting with various product representatives. Space for this year's event, however, is limited. We urge you register as soon as possible!

Check the PWNA website for conference updates and registration information.


Paul Horsley
Scotts Pressure Wash
Calgary, Alberta

Who's Running the Show?

PWNA is currently being managed and administered by a Volunteer Advisory Board that includes Paul Horsley, Doc Reisman, the current Board of Directors, as well as several founding members and members at large.

The PWNA Board of Directors is currently comprised of:

Paul Horsley ~ Interim President and Treasurer (with the support of Doc Riesman)
Mike Hilborn ~ Vice President
Charlie Arnold ~Secretary
Joel Rimler, Dan Galvin and David Gierlack ~ Directors

A Call for Volunteers

Several positions on the Board of Directors remain vacant and need to be filled as soon as possible. Please call (1-800-393-7962) to enquire about available positions or you can call me personally at 403-860-7909.

PWNA Headquarters
Power Washers of North America