Live Truck Cam

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
We will be first to install a live web cam will start broadcast at 9pm Pac time.

We will test the cam monday and should have it live by the 1st.

Tune in for the testing. This should be fun and a great tool. It will be placed on a job training rig. We are currently training two new techs. they go thru a 6 to 8 week one on one before they do a single service alone.

This live cam should be alot of fun and you guys will see flatowrk in action we hope.
That should be a great training tool..
Looking forward to viewing this, great idea.
Lets see the thread or link to the Video. Can you put it up online Ron?
Ron, Ya need to change positions on the cam. It gave you manboobs.:eek: Or does the cam just add weight.:rolleyes:

If you tuned into the actual live feed it was washing, no man boobs.

We actually had five crews at a large mall, costco and a small grocery store chain.

We cleaned Awning, carts and sidewalks.

First nite was good, learned alot and we are going to make adjustments.