MA Worker Comp Roadblock!


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I'm ready to start doing flatwork only starting April 1. Have Liability lined up with JW. One employee.
Have inquired about WC with:

  • Paychex
  • Hiscox
  • Wagepoint
  • Joe Walters
  • ADP
  • Travelers
  • Commerce
  • all denied coverage. My agent says the last ditch option is the State, which will run between 3k-10k, depending on how they classify.

Does anyone know of any other companies we can reach out to? We have been working on this for nearly a month and it's very frustrating.
thank you!

Vince Wood

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Keep in mind that power washing normally falls under janitorial services when it comes to workman's comp. Very high claim rate, which means expect to pay $$$ through the nose.