Most concrete ever bid

Mark 8262

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Currently doing about 500,000 sq ft. anywhere from 2000 to 15,000 sq ft at time. Huge manufacturing company. They will move some equipment, I go in and clean the floors, they paint the floor and move the stuff back.....We do a little every week and it will probably take about 2 years to do it all. Have probably done about 100,000 sq ft so far. It is all reclaim work.

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560, 000 sq ft with no water hook up?? My bid would have been 1 million dollars lol... our biggest we have done and its funny cause we are doing it now is 25,000 sq ft parking lot. We did half today and doing half tomorrow. Could have done it all today but the occupants have to park on one half today then the opposite tomorrow . Good payday though.


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I bid 1,000,000 ft2 parking deck, didn't even come close to be the lowest bid. The contractor who "won", upgraded his equipment and then the facility backed out. To this date I don't know if it ever got done.

Scott Stone

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There is a huge parking garage in Phoenix that is 5 million square feet. I have done a bid for the whole thing, but a different group is responsible for each floor, and I was not able to get them all to work together to let me clean it. Something about being incredibly expensive. Cheap skates.
The largest job I have received on one job order, and it was in various areas was 2,000,000 sq ft. This included parking garages, a tourist area, and a lot of downtown areas for a city, like all the sidewalks in about 2 square miles.


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We cleaned nearly 300,000 s.f. of concrete for a large high school. Just bid on a 250,000 s.f. sidewalk job for a large neighborhood.