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AC Lockyer

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To The Cleaning Community,

I want to apologize for the chalking issues some have experienced with the Powdered Bleach Alternative sold by Delux Cleaning Supply and endorsed by myself.

Secondly I would like to apologize for bringing a product to market that has caused such great controversy. I am deeply sorry that I have let anyone down in their hopes of providing a liquid bleach alternative.

Today April 11th 2010, is the first day I have been able to fully address this product issue since a contractor in Houston, Texas had significant chalking issues on last Wednesday the 6th. I would like to thank Michael Hinderliter the owner of Delux Cleaning Supply for packing up and driving down to Houston immediately the next morning and correcting the chalking issue.

The facts are that we have some bugs to work out. When I arrived in Fort Worth two weeks ago I made a critical mistake. I did not open and inspect the products including the Powdered Bleach Alternative. In fact I should have been more aggressive in checking these things along the way. There has been an issue with the blend and the flake of the Calcium Hypochlorite we purchased for this product. This was unforeseen by Delux the distributor and by myself as the endorsee / developer. I should have been more diligent to make allowances for potential errors.

The Powder Bleach Alternative was researched and tested by myself and others over several months and shows much promise with little issues. The product that was shipped is not the product I tested. This is in no way excusable, and I take full responsibility for this error.

Delux and myself will be doing new trials and bringing in additional roof cleaning pro staff to assist in those trials. Once the product is fully tested and application protocols / methods are approved, we will re-introduce the Powder Bleach Alternative when appropriate.

I make this statement apart from Delux Cleaning Supply, solely recognizing my own responsibility in these errors.

In the meantime, please contact me with any questions.



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I would consider leaving this thread out there for all to see as it should be but I would close it down so its an info post only. Let someone start a new thread about this if they so desire because you know this can be a ticking time bomb. This post I would leave it as an info post only. Take my post here out to if you guys go that route.
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