Need help with a 5 story hotel


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I am a school teacher who pressure washes part time. I do alot of commercial flatwork( shopping centers, office parks, etc...), some building washing and alot of houses. I have been asked to quote a 5 story hotel. I am planning to call Sunbelt and ask for the safest lift that can be used in this situation.
I have G.L. and W.C. Here are my questions/quandries. I have never been in a lift.
1. I assume I would xjet the chemical from the bottom up. Would I need to wash in very small sections? I am thinking that the chemical would dry by the time I washed from the top down.
2. I assume that I will need to attach the hose to the side of the lift cage (Home Depot clamps or something) so that I will not have to struggle holding the wand.
3. There are obstructions ( pool area, one story building jutout) to the walls that will keep the lift from getting close.
4. This is a big question. I am not sure how to price it. I am planning on throwing a number out that I am happy with and see if they take it.

I know many of you full timers use lifts all the time. This my first chance. I am a lift virgin.
Thank you for any advice. I would really like to do this job.