New and improved postcards

Scott D.

We had Keith re-work our postcards and I really like the way these turned out. Its got the eye catching line at the top that asks a question, a call to action "call today", and a great before and after...

What do you guys think?


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Scott D.

Wow, They look good.How many did you get?and how much were they?

We haven't worked out how many we are getting or a price yet. These are just the proofs we got today, but I dont think there are any changes though. Ill let you know what everything comes out to.


Cleaning with Aloha
Holy cow, those make me want to get MY roof cleaned!
who made those for you?

Scott D.

Sweet cards Scott. Love the CTA. May have to explain "zebra stripes" to people though - I think only contractors are really familiar with that term. PM me if you want to see our cards done by Keith - we have had an excellent return with them...

I agree, but it may prompt them to ask me what that means...then I can explain the difference in our process and the process they would use if they cleaned it themselves and they would be asking for the info instead of me hard selling....

Scott D.

Still havent decided. May order 2-3k at first to see how they work. Then if we get a good response, we'll send out another 4-5k.

Dan Manley

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Wow! those are really nice postcards!

Ralph Q

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I think he was looking for a return rate

I ve never done EDDM or a ssimilar campaign but ive heard from most its about a 1%-2% Return

Meaning 5000 sent out maybe 5-10 jobs?

1-2% would 50-100 people responding. It used to be 3-5%. Now it is 0.5-1% responding. Which would be 25-50. Then it is up to you to sell your service. I used to send out 2500 at a time and I can tell you I never got 25-50 calls. Maybe closed 3-4 jobs off of it. EDDM is more for branding.