Next Wood Boot Camp... August 9th, 10th

The PWNA will be having our next Wood Boot Camp in the Washington D.C. area on the above dates. If there are any questions in regards to the class or certification feel free to contact me at or 1-866-440-3325. To register for the Boot Camp please contact the PWNA Headquarters at 1-800-393-7962. These classes are always very informative about the wood restoration industry as well as related pressure washing items. Add a little fun and we have a great time!
Who is teaching the class and what are requirments of the cleaners who sign up for the class?



I'll be teaching the class. It is for members and non-members. The registration form is easily found on the main website
There are no requirements at this time for cleaners as some of the attendees are using this as a stepping stone to getting into the business. There are many topics covered for folks who are already in the business as well. There are works in progress for an advanced class that will have requirements to attend. They may include time in business, references, proof of insurance, etc.
Thank you for asking.
What are your qualifications to teach this two day school? Your profile mentions everything and hood cleaning seems to be a add on.

This field can be very complicated and people who teach this process should be full time hood cleaner and focused. Four hundred plus is allot of money. If you have all the experience great-it just looks like you like Pest Control best of all.

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Everett is teaching a class on Wood Restoration..........nothing to do with kitchens.
Sorry-my mistake-its my age-I am lost for words.


I am a wood guy most of all. I am not sure what profile you were looking at. Actually, Pest Control is a business I added on three years ago. It has been a good marriage with the wood restoration. I wouldn't dream of teaching a Kitchen Exhaust class. I am leaving the hoods into the capable hands of folks like yourself. No Grease For Me! Thanks guys, have great day.
Once again-sorry.

Not a problem at all, a matter of fact, I think it's great that you can't get your mind off the kitchen stuff.............that's good for business..............stay focused. :)
hey i was woundering if there are any classes offered on the west cost would love to go to some of these classes but wish they were closer !! thanks for any info
Dan B


We will do the Boot Camps in other areas. The Wect Coast would be great. We would need to have enough folks to have the class.
for you or anyone else interested please feel free to e-mail me the information and we can try to put a class together. or call the PWNA office and leave the info (800)393-7962. This is what we are trying to do to make it easier for all contractors to be able to attend a class and/or further their education, make the Boot Camps geographical. Thank you for the interest.
This was posted by Beth on her site-"The PWNA is adding a kitchen exhaust cleaning boot camp to the DC lineup August 9 & 10. For info on registering click: . There is still time to register. "

Why are non members blocked from the Kitchen Exhaust section on the PWNA site? It says that it is open-but I can't get in. Not sure why-please help.

Had to go back and re-register-now waiting for a EMail. Not sure why-I don't think that I won a free membership-then again? who knows. Give it to Rusty if I won-he needs a stage.

How many attened the Hood Cleaning Boot Camp in DC on 8/9/03?
Four, and it was offered on short notice.
Actually it was supposed to be Wood only. Because the four folks asked we added it at late notice. Between both classes it was a success and a lot of fun. The next one looks to be Oct. 25th and 26th in Lancaster, PA. Stay tuned for exact details.