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  • I see an arrow pointing to an enlargement for clarity

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  • I see where Tony has tried to trick everyone.

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  • I see a line of 40 or 50 trucks with my company name on them

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  • I don't see anything because I am too wealthy and high class to log on to PWI

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open face motorcycle helmet with a pair of goggles. Make sure he wears that helmet at all times and stay off of the roads. I seen to many kids get killed on those things becuase they go on the street and forget to look or cant see any cars coming.
Chris, there are many styles of helmets.

This is my personal favorite.

It ensures a quick and painless end to this life by guaranteeing that even if you manage to fall off your motorcycle onto something soft like grass, your head will still come in instant contact with a life ending rock.

It's engenious.

I mean, who wants to live with a debilitating injury? lol.

I am thinking that the motorcycle helmet would be the best thing but I would have to find a cool one for him.

Not sure how fast the go cart goes, it has a 5hp engine but I was thinking of changing it out with a 13hp or a little bit bigger but I don't think it would make it go much faster as the engine speeds would be about the same but it would go faster with 2 people on it compared to the 5hp engine.

I have seen modified go carts but no idea if they have transmissions on them or how to rig up different gears to go faster.

This go cart does have seat belts but were cut off so I need to find seatbelts that I could rig up to the frame somehow.
It also has a rollcage which is a good thing, just have to touch up some of the scratches in the paint and clean the seats as it is kept outside, other than that it looks like a good machine.
A good friend gave me an engine off a Bultaco back in the 80's but I could never get it to run, I wanted to make that work on my go cart, that would have been really cool!

Could never get it to run and it just sat and corroded and I think it eventually got thrown away years later.

That sounds like a cool engine to try out Chris, probably will go very fast, like warp 9.
Those are some cool and fast go carts.
Yea, me and the old man put it together in 05, and I have made some updates since he passed.
I put longer travel suspension, Fox air shocks up front, and fuel injection. I really cant go with any more horse power till I update Trans/Axels. Thats when it starts costing big money.
I hit the dunes in Southern Idaho every June, sometimes in sep..
I think I have made 21 trips down there.
Its a good time.
Photoshop is a very cool tool! Once you learn how to use it, you can open up a world of creative possibilities and impressive results.