Powdered Bleach Review Roof Cleaning Products

AC Lockyer

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Heard the President or Al Gore or someone remarking something about electric cars, about how the disparate technologies are hampering the acceptance, about how the "refueling" stations aren't standard, not enough, etc., and how "we have to decide/agree on what works best"

What the commenter left out is that the success of new technologies/products aren't decided upon. They are offered & either accepted or rejected. Pitfalls surround that path to success.

I don't know what happened in this situation, nor am I going to spend any more time thinking about it. What I DO know is that I, for one, am grateful for tinkerers & amateur chemists on this board who come up with new products/recipes/ideas that all of us benefit from.

Great post!

I'm tinkering away. It is great to look back and see that virtually every advancement in the soft wash industry was a tinker in the SoftWash Systems workshop at one time or another.