Powerwashing basics

Scott Stone

New member
This forum has been created to help newbies and veterans understand the basics of power washing. It could be the chemistry, the mechanics, business aspects, or just about any basic principle of power washing that a contractor can use. I am not going to go into how to wash a deck, or things like that, that get more specialized. The goal is to have ideas that translate across all the power washing disciplines.
I am of the opinion that once a person understands principles, they can apply them to anything to achieve their desired results.
If you have a subject you would like me to address, you can email me at The-washer@msn.com or pm me, and I will do my best to address the principle, so that you can apply it to your situation. If I am running short on time, I may ask for assistance from people that I trust, and that can write to make a guest post.
If there are questions, please feel free to respond to any post. I will do my best to explain my answer more clearly, or in depth, if necessary. If you want to make a post on something, it will need to be vetted, to make sure it is relevant, and that it meets the guidelines of this area of the forum.
Thanks, this should be very good and also a good review for all. Some times its god to review the basics no matter how long you have been doing business.