Printer died today.


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Printer died today. Looking to upgrade anyways to a all purpose printer/fax/scanner. Anyone have any recommendations on one? Looking for a good printer that doesn't rape you with high costs of replacement cartridges.


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Best buy gives a discount too on wednesdays ( i think ) or the Officemax stuff it in a brown bag for 20%off.... never checked Amazon though...... ( Sams still seemed a touch higher than the discounts ... i think )

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Xerox Phaser. Super fast, super print quality, cheap to run. Tony Shelton also has one and really likes it.

I don't like the all in one machines. Have an HP flat scanner with a two-sided paper feeder that works great. Also use it as a fax, but can't remember the last time I faxed something.

Tony Shelton

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Yep, the phazer and the Dell branded xeroxes are awesome. We now have four of them with this political campaign going. They are each hooked to the network for different tasks and we can print from anywhere from our phones using the Google app.

The short fat one can print about 35 color pages per minute. Cartridges last about 8,000 pages and a full set of toner is around $100 or can be refilled a couple of times at about $40

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