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Chris Detter

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PWNA Express / Update from the President
PWNA Express / Update 1-03
A message from Chris Detter / President of PWNA

Hi Everyone,
Following are the minutes from last Tuesday’s board of director’s conference call.

Present, Chris Detter, Tom Bickett, Doc Reisman, Jack Pitzer, Mike Hinderliter, Paul Horsley, Joe Walters, Mike Hughes, Kevin Veeneman
Staff, Cathy Blewett

Meeting called to order by President Chris Detter at 9:10 am

Chris reported that Board member Jim Hill submitted his letter of resignation; Chris said he accepted Jim’s resignation with sorrow. Jim has always loved the organization and has given much time to the development of the PWNA. Jim said he will be happy to help out any way he can in the future but just could not devote the time needed as his business was taking up too much time. Jim has also been an associate member and an Exhibitor of the (Vader I) for years (the drivable trailer washing machine) He will be missed, Jim has been a great asset to the PWNA for more than 10 years of service.…..Good luck Jim.

Chris thanked Ron Masgraves, Beth Borrego, Everett Abrams Mike Hinderliter, John Browne and the others who did so much to make the Banner ads a reality on the bulletin board.

Joe Walters Thanked the board for the flowers sent to him, congratulating him and his new bride on his recent marriage.

Chris had reviewed the minutes from last month and asked Jack if he was able to negotiate the keynote speaker’s price for Las Vegas down from his original price to at least $3000.00. Jack reported that he was able to contain that price.
Motion moved by Chris Detter and seconded by Mike Hinderliter to approve the minutes, Motion carried.

Doc Reisman reported that he has set up his committee for the 2003 nominations. Doc said he is still looking for one more non-board member, per the by-laws. Joe Walters asked if he could also be a member of this committee, motion carried.
So we are looking for one more non-board member to assist us. Any member wishing to participate in the nominating committee is asked to contact Doc Reisman (chairman nominating committee) or headquarters to give us his/her name. 800-393 PWNA

Jack reported that the schedule for Las Vegas was complete and packets will be going out shortly.
Jack reported that the exhibitor registration is coming in,
Convention registration packets have gone out, and registrations are coming in too.
Hotel Riviera is working well with us.

Tom Bickett discussed the out door demonstrations area will need a water containment system since there is no sanitary drain near the outdoor demo area. We will try to find a local vendor in Vegas to bring a unit to help capture the water.

Joe Walter noted that Robert Hinderliter will again print pocket size schedules for the convention for everyone at no cost, again thanks Robert

Motion carried to provide day passes to those who wish only to attend the conventions for one day at time, These passes will include admission to the seminars, meals, and admission to the exhibit halls. The price will be $99.00 per day, they will also be color-coded.

Wood Restoration school Instructors
As you know, last month Chris Detter & Pete Marentay announced that they would not continue to teach the wood restoration & preservation school at the conventions any longer.
After 5 years of volunteering their time and knowledge, they thought that it was time to allow other members to volunteer there time and offer their knowledge in wood.
They wanted the board to remember that whomever gets chosen to continue the school, that the generic rule is still in force, (companies cannot use the school for there own advertisements and endorsements of products)

Chris & Pete who originally designed the wood class and wrote the wood restoration manual will continue to allow the organization to use their book for the school.

Pete reported he’d sent out letters to Everett Abrams, and Beth Borrego and to 2 other wood companies to apply to be instructors for the wood boot camp. He’d like to post their qualifications and all the board can vote for their choice for the instructors for the wood boot camp.
Also anyone who wishes to offer their time doing so would please contact Jack Pitzer at headquarters for consideration.

The 2003 budget was discussed and approved, motion to carry by Mike Hinderliter and seconded by Chris Detter, Motion Carried

Membership committee,
Doc reported that he is putting together a new committee and will have results in later this week

Communication committee,
Jack Pitzer reported that we are working closely with Cleaner times magazine for ads and articles.

Website report,
Mike Hinderliter reported that the new web site is up and it looks great. And that it is easy to use.
Everyone should receive an e-mail announcing it.
The Banners are up on the BBS; looks good.

Chris asked if there was a charge for the Banner advertising. You have to be an associate member; so professional (contract) members will have to pay the difference between their dues and the associate member dues

Mike Hinderliter reported that Everett Abrams is asking if PWNA is interested in getting involved with local roundtables meetings throughout the country. They would like the organization to get more exposure.

The board discussed how PWNA could get involved with the format.
Chris Detter suggested that this roundtable thing has become popular and that anything the organization could do, would be great for membership contribution and solidifying friendships and alliances in local regions. Chris said that some pressure washer companies never meet other pressure washers in their home town because of competition reasons, and that it’s time to bring everyone together, It may help stop price gouging among local companies, resulting in a fairer playing field.

The board agreed and said that if we were to advertise the roundtables in Cleaner times and Waterworks it may help growing these gatherings.
The board also agreed to develop regional standard packets available for the asking, consisting of membership information, benefits, a Waterworks issue, merchandise order forms, other items. Possibly PWNA Caps, license plate holders etc.
Whoever agrees to put on a roundtable discussion is asked to call headquarters with a possible head count and a packet will be sent to them.

Jack and staff will work on ideas for designing these roundtable kits and forward them to
Chris Detter and the board for their review.

The Meeting was adjourned at 10:09
Thank You Chris Detter / President, PWNA

This brief report is offered by the office of PWNA president Chris Detter to keep the membership abreast of the activities of the Board of Directors. Please direct any comments and questions to or by calling 770-277-6363 ext 24.

God Bless America! "Don't ever forget"

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