PWNC wants your photos!


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The PWNC is asking for photo dontations for a video compilation. It has been duly noted that YouTube is a great outlet for getting out there and the PWNC wants to jump on the bandwagon.

We are trying to compile photos of the nastiest homes, roofs, buildings, dumpsters, sidewalks, parking lots, graffiti, new construction, etc... to show what things will look like when they try to shut us down. There will be NO single company represented, no specific area of our industry focused on. We want this to be a hard hitting, close to home kind of montage that opens eyes to what our profession provides. While the fight to prove we're not shut down is continuing, we also need to show them just how bad things will look if we don't do our jobs.

I want to reiterate that no one will get any credit or compensation for any photos that are submitted and although for the PWNC purpose, I will be putting our logo on the video, I will be more than happy to change it up for any other public service type promotion. This is a good cause.

Please forward any photos that you would like to donate to the cause to:

Thank you.
I'm still working on the video (PWNC but can be used in other capacities) - more for "in your face" education & information than promotion of anyone or anything and I still need pictures of the following:

Rigs - particularly with TANKS! (Trying not to use signage)
Disgusting pictures - especially if it looks unhealthy or safe
Clean pictures of the same
Photos of proper compliance in action (reclaiming or diverting) No hauling dirty water pics PLEASE!!

Although I said in the past that I was not crediting anyone on the clip - I am going to make one last frame quickly listing all companies that contributed pictures. It will be a company name only - no contact, no web, etc...

Send hi-res photos to:

Thank you :)

can't wait to see it
PWNC Pressure Washing Video

Here it is:

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Great job Celeste I like it. I wish you'd showed the dirty pics for just a little longer so people would have a chance to realize just how dirty everything gets. Who knows, maybe they will start to notice it more.
That video is also available with "generic" wording as well (no PWNC reference) if someone wanted to use it for local purposes (ie, home shows)
The idea is cool, the style of the video is great. But man it runs through scenes fast.
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