Question about HW mix with ivy on siding and a few other newbiquestions.


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Hi everyone, I have a house wash scheduled for next Saturday and have a few questions.

1. The owner would like to keep the ivy growing up the front and side of the house. The house is brick with aluminum siding. The siding does not seem to have any algae, just lots of cobwebs and some dirt and there doesn't seem to be too much oxidation. What should my mix be?

2. The rear of the home is a walk-out basement and the soffits and gutters are 3 stories high. The gutters don't look bad but the same cant be said for the soffits. I am a newbie so the only soffits I have cleaned that looked this bad were my own and I brushed on f-13 at 20-1 but I have a single story house so it was a easy day. Any suggestions or tips would be great.

3. I am almost certain I underbid this job. The job is for a friend of mine that is a home builder that could possible get me a lot of work/leads in the future but on the other hand I am not doing this to break even. What would you guys charge to clean the siding, gutters and soffits?

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The pictures will not open.

Promises or misleadings of future work are taken with a grain of salt or just laughed at as 99.9% of all of them are just lying to you for a cheaper price, all the newbies fall for it when they are new in the business, after you get burned, it is up to you to not fall for it anymore or just keep on getting burned, the choice is yours.

I would test the oxidation because cleaning it can cause it to look worse than before cleaning a lot of times, bad oxidation I usually don't mess with because at that point it usually needs a new paint job and I have read many times on these forums where guys wanting to be a hero, not listened to warnings ended up paying for paint jobs whether partial or full on houses.

As for the soaps, there are some great threads talking about these situations if you want to read about them in the forums, the search button will give you what you need, just search for what you want, there are guys that have been doing this for decades which answer your type of questions numerous times on this site. Read all you want as it is all free here.
You find out who your real friends are when money is involved. Like Chris said about getting you jobs, don't fall for that. I had a lady tell me that story and I told her after her neighbors came through I would give her a discount NEXT TIME, there was not a next time. See where we are coming from.
I would run from oxidized aluminum siding. We can't work miracles. You could possibly set expectations correctly and only wash it with very low pressure. ....I just believe i would pass if you don't have a lot of experience with aluminum.
300 is low! I would be $489 for the house, and $1.00 a linear foot for gutters. Plus dealing with oxidized siding and not killing the ivy?? Time to run. Lol.

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Trust me I would if I hadn't already said I would do it. I guess I will just use a mix of simple cherry and water. A quick question about oxidation, I ran my fingers across the siding in a few spots around the House and not much at all was on my fingers. Does this mean the siding is not very oxidized?
300 is low! I would be $489 for the house, and $1.00 a linear foot for gutters. Plus dealing with oxidized siding and not killing the ivy?? Time to run. Lol.

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Pics aren't working on tapatalk either. We deal w ivy all the time. Would like to see the pics first before commenting

That was through tap a talk on our site

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Yes I can see yours and others. Just can't see the ones in original post here.
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