Ray Burke Joins Softwashapolooza

AC Lockyer

New member
I am excited to announce that Ray Burke of Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning has joined Softwashapolooza for teaching the track 3 labs on soft washing commercial surfaces.

Ray has been scoring large soft washing projects throughout 2011 and has a history deep into soft washing for many years.
Softwashapolooza is a mobile cleaning professionals event like no other. You will be able to jump in a 15 passenger van and run a real soft washing route with state of the art SoftWash Systems equipment and chemicals and clean real surfaces at REAL jobsites.

Ray joins Bill Booz and Doug Rucker as the third instructor of a three track, hands on, soft wash training program over three days. These are real industry professionals who currently own and run, real soft wash companys.

Thanks Ray for signing up to help soft wash pros succeede in 2012!
Awesome Job !!!