AC Lockyer

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10% on commercial sales. Quarterly bonus.


Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
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In commercial you have residual income. If you don't tie that in what's the incentive for salesperson to sell repeat business? 10% is to high for this type of situation especially since I pay a higher starting salary. 36,000. The old cliche you get what you pay for gentleman.

If you want a high turn over and a man that doesn't care about his job.

Next , have a disclaimer to the salesperson about profit. Otherwise if I'm working percentage I'll close everything. I'll give it away ,cause 10% is 10%. What do I care if you make money.

Guys I can write a book on this. I know what's worked in commercial . AC knows that residential side. The yield is going to be higher. I personally think they work harder for sales.

We are producing more with less sales people than we had five years ago. Spending much less to do it as well.

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