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Scott Stone

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One of the things that has helped me is setting goals for my business. If you don't where you are headed, it's impossible to get there.
In order to set goals, they need to be clearly defined, and achievable. You also must be willing to work to achieve them, and set a date that they will be achieved. Some people are all about revenues, but maybe you can make a goal to set a training program for you employees, or potential employees. Maybe you cane set a goal of always making sure the oil in your equipment is changed on a regular basis. There are a lot of goals, besides revenues that can be set that will secure the longevity of your business.


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Excellent post Scott!!! I set so many goals, sometimes it's hard to keep up with them and evaluate them. It's so important(if your serious about your business) to set goals. Like you said, If you don't, where are you headed and is it where you truly want to be?

The same goes with a budget, Some and I have been guilty of it many years back was, I don't need to set a budget because I only purchase what I need. If you look around your shop, What items are sitting there which you thought you had to have and how often have you actually used them???

Sometimes it's amazing at what we can get by with simply by going about business in a different manner or improvising an item to perform double duty. One thing I have found which really works is to, Keep things simple!!! The more complicated we make our rigs, The more they can actually cost us in down time and unnecessary repairs.

As with marketing, New equipment, Employee training, etc..., Monitor everything so you can evaluate what worked best and what needs improving...

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Ralph Q

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Been in Business down here for 3 years and have increased revenue by over 100% a year. Time for another truck and to start hiring. Having been in business for 7 years in New Jersey, it took me the whole time to get where I am already in Florida. According to all the research I did before I started up down here, Florida was supposed to be a hard nut to crack as far as pressure washing, just because there are 10,000 pressure washers per sq mile. Turned out to be a piece of cake. I have been working full time since day one.


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Congrats with your business Ralph! I was under the same impression with the supposed to be tough competition down south... It may turn out to be that it's tougher here in the upper Mid-Atlantic/Southern New England region...

I see more and more of the "Cheap" rich folks. They don't want to pay $500-650 for a house wash yet they'll spend $120.00 for a dinner???!!!!


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Hey Ralph I'm with you on NJ vs Fl. There are tons on guys pw-ing here especially this time of year when the grass stops growing as fast. But that doesn't really matter much. In 2-3 years things should be very good hopefully I won't have rubber boots on anymore. June will actually be my first full year. November2016 1 full-time employee should be a realistic achievement without going crazy working and worrying at night. Much easier to sleep in this business. Remodling vs pw-ing the stress is nonexistent.


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Great Post Scott

Good Job Ralph

Good job Joe

To me - if your good at what you do, know how to sell and handle clients and provide great customer service you can work anywhere