should the PWNA have an active Bulletin Board again??

Should the PWNA have another active Bulletin Board???

  • Yes but only for them to come out with PWNA news only.

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WHen the PWNA had a killer Bulletin Board back in the day we had around 475 members. The sky was the limit. THis is a true not for profit org. and has been like that for many years.

PWI and TGS are great boards for the PWNA to get there word out but I always felt they should have there own. Yes we ran into a problem with the PWNA bb. because we didnt take the time it needed to keep it going strong because it was time consuming.

If we jump forward to today the PWNA is flying once again out of the gate to be the leader in this industry to represent an organization for the Powerwashers and the distributors.

I would personally like to see this board re-appear and if I can get some of the right people involved would there be an interest to see it open again.

Please respond for better or worse to the poll and also give your answer here as to why you voted the way you did.

Quick note I think back when Paul Horsley truly felt we should hit 600 members within that calander year but of course within no time the bb tanked because of lack of caring that it needed and also we had another problem with an individual that many thought should not have taken the direction he did and this problem became all consuming. It could have been handled differently but in the end it worked out for all. SO here the PWNA is today.

So what do you think.
Personally If Asked I wouldn't mind administrating this bulletin board if so asked since I have so much time at night to make this thing fly since I hardly ever watch TV....well except for "Big Love".

So whats ya think??