Smoke stains on stucco?


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Had someone tell me their grill caught on fire, and now he wants the smoke stains removed from the stucco. Any suggestions of how to do this? I'm thinking this would work better if I had hot water... I would think it would need more than just house wash mix. Maybe if I hit it with a little F9? I tried to get him to email pictures, but haven't got them yet.


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Organic based smoke stains will require a "base" cleaner to breakdown the acidic nature of smoke. The questions about the under condition would be whether or not there was fire that may have caused scarring to the top coat of the stucco.. If it is EFIS, it will be more difficult to get out instead of true stucco. I would spot treat an area, use a strong disclaimer with the homeowner and proceed from there. You may need to do multiple applications depending on the thickness of the smoke.
Hard to guarantee good results on something like this.


I have had good luck with butyl based cleaners on smoke stains, exhaust pollution and similar situations.

If the fire burned the surface then that is another story and possible painting will probably be needed.

Russ has some great cleaners, give him a call.


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I have some butyl cleaner. If that doesn't work I may give Russ a call, although I offered to do this basically at cost though, because the guy is in my BNI chapter, and I want to build some favor with the members. I'm hoping not to spend too much money on chemicals that I will rarely need again. I do need to call Russ soon any though, for lemonade.


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I saw some pics on FB I believe where someone used EBC on a brick house that had fire smoke damage. Cleaned up well from the pics I saw.