Solar panels and distilled water

Never got the water fed pole, good thing as it would get used 1 time a year. I am giving a bid on the house pool cage, deck, and floor of garage. When I looked for up sells I saw the solar pannels and they are in need of cleaning. My only source of water is well water and I would rather not use that water on the panels, question is can I just use distilled water with a surfactant, with a mop and pull with a squeegee? Hate to leave money on the table and I have to sets of these on ground level. Pic is to but there is 88 pannels. Thanks.
Solar panels are not that hard to be cleaned. I am sure that a suitable chemical or a good solution in addition to water must work. People often make a mistake and buy expensive equipment, which is useless because the panels don't need much attention. I have a friend who bought a unique cleaning tool, a pretty expensive one to clean his solar panels, and after that he used it, he tried to clean them with regular cleaning things, and the result was the same, the second one even lasted more, so don't worry, they are not hard to be cleaned.
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It sounds like you're navigating quite the bidding process there! Taking care of those solar panels could definitely be a lucrative addition to your services. Using distilled water with a surfactant sounds like a smart solution, especially if you're concerned about the quality of your well water.

You've got quite the task ahead with 88 panels, but with your attention to detail and willingness to explore alternative methods, I'm sure you'll tackle it like a pro.

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