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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Stain & Sealing Wood.
How to Stain a Fence, how to Stain a Deck, Wood Restoration, Stripping Old
Other Topics Include how to Stain Treated Wood, When to Stain
your Fence or Deck, How Much Stain do I Need, Fence Staining Cost,
Deck Staining Cost.

Learn how to Use Stain & Seal Expert's Wood Stains & Sealers.
Whether You're trying to Start a Staining Business, or have DIY your
Stain & Seal Project you will Find the Answers Here.
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Special Stain & Seal Experts Podcast Intimate Edition of the Hosted by Caleb Roth Featuring Stanton Frank from Northwoods Refinishing.
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Stanton shares his personal journey, highlighting the challenges and setbacks he faced. If you're considering starting a wood care business but feel uncertain or inexperienced, Stanton's story is incredibly relatable and insightful. Special Thank You Stanton for your testimony. It's Truly Deeply Appreciated.

Don't miss out on this episode—it's a must-listen for anyone feeling hesitant or unsure about diving into the wood care industry.
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Stain & Seal Experts - Professional Wood Care Services

  • New Fence or Deck Staining Elevate your property with a fresh coat of stain that enhances its beauty and durability.
  • Fence & Deck Cleaning & Restoration Say goodbye to grime and wear. Then restore your fences and decks to their former glory!
  • Fence Painting Services Add a splash of color and personality to your outdoor area with professional painting services.
  • Simple Repairs (fence or deck) Trust the experts to handle any repairs needed to keep your property looking its best.
  • Log Home Staining & Services Protect and beautify your log home with top-notch staining and maintenance.
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