Stained pine house


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I went to do a bid this morning for a stained pine house. I have never done one before, I have done some decks. My question is do I use the same mix as I do my usually house wash with. I downstream with 3 gal sh and 2 gal h20 6 oz of elemonator. He is not wanting to strip it. Just mostly get the dirt grime and mildew off. He is going to use a solid type stain to put on it. And I also have to do the decks and out house. I will be putting pics up. Also curious what to charge. He us a good friend but I still got to make some money. I was thinking some where between $1000-1500. Its a 2100 sq fot house plus decks and out house.


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When I was faced with the issue of finishing the interior of the purchased home, I realized that such a case requires a specially trained person who knows it very well. I do not know how for you, but the new house is like the road to a new life. I want out of this concrete or maybe brick "box" to do something inspiring, something perfect. To make this space, a cozy family "den" is everyone's dream. I treated the design of my house very carefully and thoughtfully, and I advise you as a treat and you. After all, no matter how you look at it, the most important thing is quality here. Yes, we all want pleasant comfort, so you need to go to a proven designer who can help you.
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