Taste festivals


This week I had a booth at a local fest. The booth was $250 dollars. they estimated 6k people. I dont think there were that many however It was still worth every penny to me. I held a drawing for a free house wash. 36 people entered another 16 requested free quotes for various services. I sold 3 roof cleanings and 2 paver sealing jobs on site. I also had the pleasure to meet 3 real estate managers and a property manager as well as a couple restaurant managers. I am not posting this to brag I would just like to show you that everything you do to market your business helps. Even if things are slow and money is tight you have got to get out there or it will get worse. This is turning out to be my best year! 100% over last year to date. ignore the doom and gloom and go after what is yours.
I was wondering how that went for you. Good job! I hope you land a bunch more from it. :)