Tennis Court Cleaning

Pressure Washing Tennis Courts Pricing

Tennis Court Cleaning involves the playing surface to
remove dirt,
mold, algae & other debris that can
accumulate. Which can affect playability & safety.

Pricing for Pressure Washing Tennis Courts
Varies Based on Several Factors

1. Size of the Court
Tennis courts are typically 78 feet long by 27 feet wide for singles
& 36 feet wide for doubles. The total area can impact the amount
of time & resources needed for cleaning,

2. Condition of the Surface
Courts that have not been cleaned regularly or that have
heavy staining may require more intensive
cleaning efforts or additional treatments.

3. Type of Surface
Different materials such as hard courts (acrylic), clay,
grass, or artificial turf may require different
cleaning methods and equipment.

4. Geographical Location
Prices can vary significantly depending on
the location due to differences in labor costs
& the availability of cleaning services.

5. Additional Services
Services such as applying a mold inhibitor,
repainting lines, or repairing cracks can be
additional costs beyond basic pressure washing.

As a general guideline, Pressure Washing Tennis Courts
Cost Between *$225 to $550* Per Court!
*Note: Depending on these factors.

For a more precise quote,
it's best to consult local pressure washing companies
who can assess the specific needs of the tennis
court and provide a tailored service.
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