Thinking about changing company name

I have been thinking about changing my company's name. I was just wondering how many times have you changed yours and what effects does it have on an existing web site that I have created? Thanks..


Graphic Designer
I changed mine recently to a more SEO friendly name, but since I don't have an active website yet, it really hasn't made any difference.

Vince Wood

New member
I changed mine from Alert Steam Cleaning to Alert Power Washing after 3 months in business. I got tired of getting calls from people wanting their carpets cleaned.

Ralph Q

New member
Yeah I got a call about a month ago, from a guy who wanted me to pick up trash around their development. I'm definitely changing my name to something more in line with what I do(now).

Scott Stone

New member
Some of us make a lot of money picking up trash. Just saying.

Incidentally, if your business is currently viable, I wouldn't do it.