Tile and Grout Cleaning Chemical Suggestions


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I have a general contractor I do a lot of work for, and they asked me to submit a quote to clean the tile floor for a commercial kitchen they're renovating. We typically do masonry (brick/block/stone/concrete) cleaning and restoration, but we do have the equipment (i.e. surface cleaner) and general knowledge to do the job. I was wondering though if there's a specific type/brand of cleaning chemical and sealer anyone recommends for tile and grout? There doesn't seem to be much grease on the floor, but it's a little hard to tell as there is a fair amount of dirt from years of not being used. Thoughts?


Hi Mark,

F9 Double Eagle is what we would use if there was oil/grease. If it's a general cleaning and you want it to really look good, a mix of 20:1 F9 Groundskeeper should do the trick.


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That's a good question. You should take a look at the ingredients in order to avoid tough chemicals. When I'm cleaning any kind of surface, I'm using a mixture of vinegar and water, in order to dilute it.
If the problem is too much for me, I'm going to contact floor maintenance services because I don't want to ruin it. There was a time when I've cleaning my windows with a toxic solution and the result was terrible. I had to change the frames because water kept entering inside and it was terrible. Ever since that accident, I'm always calling professionals to solve any issues
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