Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa

Nice Job on the Roof Cleaning Chris. I love doing them from a lift bucket. It's a whole lot safer when you have a pitch like that and it's slippery! Better to be safe!

Apple Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Instructor
Thanks Larry.
My Camera is new to me, have to learn it better.
The tile roof cleaning pictures were too big to post here on PWI :(
That is why I put a link to them at the RCIA Forum.
Have to re size them one day.

Scott D.

Great looking pictures Chris! Heres some of a Tomball, TX roof cleaning we did with a lift recently...


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Apple Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Instructor
Wow Scott, that was a BIG Tile Roof :)
I have to re size my pictures to post here.
Got a new camera, gotta learn to operate it :eek:
Biggest roof we ever cleaned was a 20,000 sq ft Metal Roof across Tampa Bay from us.
It belongs to a Man who builds schools in Tampa.
All that Govt Money must be nice :(


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