Time Frame on 12 x 12 Deck Wash

I would like to know what would your be the hrs to just wash a 12x12 Deck with hand rails and 4 steps. From start of wash to end of ox.. Average dirty deck..Thanks
Shane , Matt that is what I was thinking thanks... I just wanted to gauge myself. It was about 8 years old.. Medium dirty I would say I did two decks in what seems like about 3 hrs.. The decks were at two houses side by side and I sprayed my mixes at the same time. They were about 100 feet apart. Sprayed my mix at 1:1.5 bleach/water and sc. The bleach was a little weak.. Then ds my ox 16oz to 1.. I wont be ds ox anymore. It didn't turn the way I wanted.. Think I am going set up my 2.1gmp sprayer for the ox. Also I got more fuzzies than I wanted. Any tweeks on my mix?