Tips for Down streaming along with general tips wanted


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hello guys I just found this forum online an I’m hoping I can get some help an advice with my new power washing buisness .. right now I have a Simpson 61044 machine with a Honda motor pumping 3400 psi not that much it’s also only 2.3 gpm .. but I’m having trouble getting my solution mix sprayed onto the house more then 20 feet up .. I have a 36 inch wand but I see online people are down streaming 3 story’s 40+ feet up .. how can I get more mix up more on the house better without using a ladder .. trying to keep insurance happy as well as customers happy by no ladders plus I’m deadly afraid of heights .. I saw the 18 foot extension an other extensions I can get but was wondering any other tips you guys might have .. do I need to upgrade my machine ? I just spent over 800 on it an it took me a while to save .. I plan to save an upgrade to a soft wash style washer soon but until then I wanna work an make the most Effiency with what I got .. thank you in advance