UAMCC Members- Who Joined?

The Cleaner

Vetran Washer 30 Years Plus
I Joined!!!!

If your a member of the UAMCC currently I have a special Prize from one of our NCE sponsors.

Just chime in Here....tonight Live


Lou hoods&more

New member
A copy of the next best seller "WE The Sheep"?

Chris Tharpe

New member
I took the leap, and still not sure if I am drowning or not. I thought i got off into the kiddie pool but it looks like an Olympic sized high dive deep end once your in.

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Mobile Wash Pros
Mississippi's Exterior Cleaning Specialist
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Chris call Nichole at Sunbrite, you won a gift certificate.

Carolina Prowash

Exterior Surface Pros
So what's up with the dates on this thread? Ron, mine is showing you posted that you joined 6 days ago - I know that's not so LOL