We are thinking about the possibility of bringing on another Sub Contractor....

Business for right now has been very good. I however have turned down smaller jobs because we simple do not have the time to complete them.

I am in N. California. Looking for a contractor who will work under our name. A signed agreement must be agreed to. You must carry insurance which will be verified. Liability, Business Auto as well as Workers Comp.

I will submit you the work, you must guarantee your quality of work. NO ETCHING...EVER!

You must have a filter that can handle small areas of 20,000 square feet or less. Anything larger will be handled by our equipment.

Spec's for washer need to be 3,500 PSI or greater with 5.6 GPM. Boiler should be in the 550,000+ BTU range. Looking for 7 years or more experience, however if less we will consider.

My current Sub makes 90k to 98k a year. Your income may be lower depending on the equipment used and experience.
We have been asked if our license will cover those who pressure wash for us as a sub contractor. Though the answer may be yes, we will not put a contractor under our licenses.

This is what we require....

Must be EPA complaint. Must have all permits to pressure wash and discharge in all counties in N. California. Must not be on any black list, must not have any issues with any environmental agencies and or governments agencies.

The Cleaner

Vetran Washer 30 Years Plus
You sure there's no other stipulation you might have missed? LOL

Scott Stone

New member
How about a percentage of gross? At least 75 to 80% of gross is typical in a sub situation when using their own equipment.
I just got my contractor. Agreed on pricing.

Thanks for all the input, especially Scott who is now talking with me again.... You see, there is a God after all !!! LOL LOL LOL
How about a percentage of gross? At least 75 to 80% of gross is typical in a sub situation when using their own equipment.

80%.. heck why don't you just say 98%. Everybody can't pay out your numbers Scott. I am not as rich as you.

Hey, I got an Idea..... Lets turn it around.....The next time you get a garage that is paying .... oh lets say 50k or more, please, feel free to give me a call. I will be more than willing to be your sub at 90% ! :yes4::dance3:, but thats only because I Luv ya ! :love: LOL LOL LOL

Scott Stone

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I dont sub. I can manage my own people, and still pay my taxes.

Russ Spence

Commercial Pressure Wash Expert
I dont sub local stuff and most of the time I just pass out the stuff I get I dont want, however if I did sub something I would basically just want 10 to 20% there are guys that will pass out at those numbers!

As far as a parking garage or any other larger than average job, I would just purchase the extra equipment and hire someone and let the job pay for the equipment before I would hire a sub, that way I dont have that situation again, I would just grow with it.
Hey Scott.... Just to let you know.... For the first time in oh 10 or so years, I had to pay over xx,xxx to the feds.

As most do not know, we had our business drawn up by an tax attorney and a CPA. This cost us allot of $$$. However, if we go over a certain dollar amount, we get hit.

Well, this year we went past it. So I do believe that I possibly .... Maybe .... could of but not sure..... paid as much or more than Scott did this year. This is one area I wish not to be on top.

By the way, You can still call me Scott and we can compare.... DON"T think I am gay, I just miss our conversations.


That is very nice of you to offer work to subs Jim, I am proud of you.
That is very nice of you to offer work to subs Jim, I am proud of you.

I know you are having fun with this Chris, but you also know that I do not like to have more than two subs. I like my subs to make close to 90-100k each with me. Having another one is more of a challenge for me to make sure they make enough money. I do not know if I want to get that busy. To much stress.


Come on Jim, you know you want to have subs all over the country so you can have more work so you can build up the account so you can retire soon. That would be a good way to do it.