We made it !!! GSA Scheduled Contractor / TXMAS Contractor

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That's great

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We have been getting asked to join the GSA. Is it worth it? Do you get larger contracts with the government? We are 10 miles from a large airforce base and I allways wondered how to get in with them.

Michael T

James, We choose to go with the GSA because we already do some state and federal business. Being on the GSA Schedule shows you have a proven record, experience, financially stability and you have proven your ability to do business with the government. When the need arises for service in your field, the agency can go to the schedule and choose you, without going thru the bidding process. I have just simplified the answer for you. It is a lot more complicated than this. It took us a year and a half to go thru the process. It can be one in 6 -9 months if you hit it really hard. We hired a company to help with the process. It was worth it, I could have never done it all in house. There are about 200 different documents, forms, applications and reports which need to be done in a timely manned. Everything is time sensitive in the process. If a document expires it need to be redone and re submitted. Think about it and plan your strategy so you will know where you want to go and how you want to get there. There is marketing after you receive the certification. It just doesnt automatically happen. We are now having companies solicit us to help us market to the GSA program. But we are doing our own marketing. We have spent $8K to date to get here.
This will answer a few questions about GSA. http://gsa.federalschedules.com/GSA-Schedule/GSA-Schedule-FAQ.aspx?gclid=CPip0fGun7QCFcKPPAodig8AYA

There are several companies which help with the GSA process. Whoever you decide to go with research then thoroughly, there are a bunch of scams out there.