What do you do for your family health insurance?

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Yes the dreaded health insurance topic. I now find myself having to look for health insurance for my family. I have just started to comb through the online information to maybe get an idea of who I should possibly look into. It is all a big racket as far as I am concerned. They take take take but don't ever want to give. However I have to have it. So I thought I would just see what some others are doing for their families insurance needs and maybe who they go with. There are so many different companies out there so where does one even start. When I worked for other companies in the past I always had Blue Cross Blue Shield. It seemed like it was usually pretty decent but since I am paying for this all out of pocket now I am not sure.

I use to say I did not need it. I would say that as long as my children had coverage that is all that mattered, but if I don't have it and something happens then I can not be there to take care of them. So I find myself in the position of looking into it for myself as well so I can be there for my girls and not burden anyone else. So what are you guys doing for your needs or companies that you deal with that seem to be somewhat okay to deal with. I am looking at the whole nine yards. Health, dental and vision.
Before, we had a health plan that was stupid expensive. With per existing conditions, and the company trying to get out of state, there were a lot of things working against us. Now we have a group plan that is much better.the strange thing is, that with the number of employees we have, it doesn't cost us that much more proportionately.
I pay 296.66 a month for me and my two sons - fantastic coverage outside of the Obamacare umbrella - I have yet to pay a penny outside premiums and have two young boys who go to the doctor relatively frequently.


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We have blue cross throught Obama Care and it's awesome. My wife has ms and I have multiple injuries from a motor cycle accident. My wife was in the medical field for 15 years so her knowledge is great. The ACA Market Place is very good. BUT YOU MUST SPEAK TO THE DR MEDICAL ASSISTANTS they know what insurance is good. The med assistants do the billing. In our area 2 bluecross plans are availible but 1 is far superior with dr's taking it and value. Your dr doesn't know crap about insurance but the nurse, med assist or office manager who cares about you does. The best thing about the ACA is they actually will listen and fight on your behalf. And the action of Fighting is important with insurance. Talk to those med assistants before you buy just as we ask Doug and Ron here.
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