What is the best way to insulate a box truck?

Roy Sanders

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I need to get some insulation in the truck as it looks like it has to set outside this winter. I was thinking about just getting some Styrofoam or equivalent sheets and cutting them down and putting in between the metal studs then putting plywood over that. The roof is translucent and was thinking about trying to do the same thing to it. Any other suggestions. I am going to have to find some sort of heater to put in it that will keep the 20' box above freezing temps. I put an electric heater in my 12' enclosed now and it works but it is also parked inside my pole barn through winter.

Roy Sanders

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I think I am going to go get some 1" white styrofoam or pink owens corning foamboard and put in the cavities. It will accept up to a little over 1" in between the wall. It has wood boards that come up about 2 1/2 foot off the floor and I will just put some 1/2" plywood above that up to the roof. I will get that done and probably do the same to the roof. A couple hundred dollars should take care of all of that. Just have to figure out the heater for the winter now.

Chris Dubbs

You can always use a set of heat bulbs if you have electricity near.

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Spray foam like I mentioned on Facebook.

Easier and faster application if you have an insulation company apply it, should not take more than 20 minutes for the whole truck including the roll up door.

The spray foam will have a higher R-Value than anything you can apply yourself and you might be able to barter since it is a small job.


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Yeah, we have both our trailer and box truck spray foamed. Trailer is spray foamed on the walls and ceiling and some foam board sandwiched on the floor. Box truck has some foam board on the floor with 3/4" Advantech over it and rigid foam board on the walls between studs with 1/2" plywood over it with spray foam on the ceiling.