When to start marketing?

Big Dog

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering what times during the year do you start your marketing campaigns?

As an example I was thinking about putting out door to door flyers for residential maybe next week. But perhaps this is too soon?

So when do you market residential and also commercial?


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Everyday if possible. You have to be pretty agressive. Remember one day lost is another ones opportunity. Its never to soon or to late to market.

Scott D.

We started marketing residential heavily at the beginning of January for the spring season but we market 365 days a year in some form or fashion.


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I'm guessing it's determined by how far north we are. I'm not doing any residential marketing until it seems like it should stay above freezing. Not just because of chemicals but it seems like people don't get motivated until the weather breaks. Hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks up here. When I see landscapers doing mulch and cleaning beds I'll start hitting the roof marketing.

March in Indiana can vary from 60 and sunny to a blizzard. No guarantees from mother nature. But we are ready.


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I agree with Indy people don't seem toget going till it warms up.I work on concrete cleaning weather permitting and in a week or so will start on marketing roof cleaning.