Who Invented or founded What in Our industry ???

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Ron was a salesman at Xterior. The owner, Mike Baker, invented the Xjet. I have spent many weekends helping him box them up back in the 90's. The M5 was named for him and the 5 people in his family. Ron was a great guy. He lives on the lake now.
You been around ?

Russ Spence

Commercial Pressure Wash Expert
Bob from Pressure Tek - the bandit, fat boy and other stuff for roofs . I have had a dual pump for over 10 years for woodcare made by Tom at ACR and that's what I used for roofs before the bandit came out.
Bob built the first JROD and we named it on his forum after Jarrod Grumblett who asked him for a 4 way with interchangeable tips (pretty cool)